Here, hapiness is homemade

Here, Hapiness is Homemade 

by La Puce



CollectionRather Be / Tome 2

Publication date – January 2021

Number of pages – 392 p 


Book Description

When I crossed the Atlantic, I had earned a wonderful family of heart. When they were in touch, I discovered life. I pushed my limits by keeping my mind open and trying to adapt to this new life that was stretching out before me.

My deep affection for these four boys allowed me to acquire a certain balance on this campus and to flourish there. Like big brothers, these young men looked after me and even one of them had made me cross the gateway of Friendship to that of Love.

I gradually moved out of the world of childhood to enter the world of adults. But was I well prepared to face this world? Without the boys by my side, I am convinced that I would never have been able to overcome all these obstacles.

Our relatively calm and happy existence was going to encounter some turbulence that would make it clear that life is far from a long, quiet river.

Are we going to be able to overcome the difficulties without too much breakage?

It’s up to you to judge…