Rather Be

Rather Be is a personal fiction in nine volumes, which traces the life and discoveries of her sometimes naive heroine about the world around her.

Upon entering university, she will meet four boys from an environment very far from her. These gentlemen will teach him life. They will work together to confront the different adventures that existence holds for them. Over time, they will form a family of hearts that they will cherish.

This narrative is made by the heroine herself. A newspaper in which she delivers without blush. She spreads out on her perplexities, she recounts her inner reflections on a world that she finds it difficult to apprehend. She quickly understands that people always have hidden secrets and more complex aspects than what the first look can reveal.

It will confront its values with a medium that has two sides, but for whom the façade remains more important than anything and in all circumstances. A very different conception of life from his own.

In this collection, the heroine also shares her sentimental story by unveiling her first love emotions.