Here, she is…

Here, she is… the diversity of the pageantry


Publication date – December 2020

Number of pages – 300 p


Book Description


The world of beauty contests is not just Miss World or Miss Universe, of which you see, comfortably installed on your sofa, the finals every year. What is behind the glitter and glamour of these crowns? How can we explain that hundreds of young people embark on an adventure every year around the world? What is it looking for by participating in it? How to distinguish these competitions from each other? What do these titles bring to the winners?

These are many questions that this unique anthology responds. With more hundred color photographs, this book portrays the rich history and diversity in the pageantry. We also wanted to warn against certain deviations and to ask ourselves about the new problems facing the different organizations. This journey will be full of interviews with some directors, as well as some of the winners, in order to take a deep dive into the heart of this world.