Every family has its story… Welcome to ours !

Every Family has its Story…  Welcome to Ours !

by La Puce



CollectionRather Be / Tome 1

Publication date – September 2020

Number of pages – 370 p 


Book Description


When I set foot on American soil, I was thirsty for knowledge, but above all for freedom. Of a lonely nature and a strand, I faced a life for which I was not prepared. My meeting with my friends allowed me to grow up, become a fulfilling and open-minded young woman. The boys have served as my guide and for no apparent reason have created a family of heart, bound forever by feelings with very blurred boundaries and often misunderstood by our entourage.

As I read my diary again, in the back of the years, I realized that we were a good balance of five very disparate personalities. By merging, we formed a nucleus, which was called the family, perfectly hermetic to others. What I thought was jealousy on the part of some was probably a misunderstanding of how we worked, so much we were intertwined with each other’s existence, without actually realizing it.

By telling our story from within to you who always ask you so many questions about us, I think you can finally understand what linked us as this text by Pierre Ebert perfectly illustrates it.

Friendship is… a special relationship you have with one or more people.

Friendship is… a chemistry that generates the beginning of a relationship between one or more people with the same affinities.

Friendship is… feelings, affection, emotions and tenderness, sometimes soft or strong that two people can have for each other.

Friendship is… a mutual complicity of exchanges and sharing of all kinds with a person or persons.

Friendship is… attachment and a lot of consideration for one or more people.

Friendship is also… a Gateway to Love and Sexuality.

Friendship is… a friend who can come to tell at any time about his joys, his sorrows and his troubles.

It’s up to you to judge…